In the Glam Group network there’s always a fast movement of ideas and strategic operations. It is the expressive movement celebrated with Toyota Italia entrance in the Group. more

The Nissan Centro Italia urban energy comes into Glam Group, going to spread itself in the whole network. An acquisition in the sign of the change, made by the choice of a delocalized advertising... more

Leader since over 30 years in the property mediations, Grasso Group S.p.A. gets into the advertising world choosing Glam Factory as communications agency of Glam Group for the entire biennium 2011... more

Open doors for the young and all the young brands. This is the philosophy with which Glam Group opens its network to Youniversity, an agency specialized in management and selling of advertising... more

There are meetings hard to forget. That one between Glam Group and ScreenCity is among them. The partnership born in the sign of outdoor communication. more

You can recognize strategic partnerships by the results. Sharing a strong client orientation and an open idea of communication, Help Concept Agency and GLAM Group sign a deal that opens new... more

Many realities under just a sign: the integrated communication. A sign that multiplies technologies and experiences, meeting and business opportunities. A sign that express itself and makes... more

GLAM Group gets greener. Sunmeet is the project born to spread a new culture in the sign of photovoltaic energy in Italy and represents the expression of the shared commitment between the IFI... more