Many realities under just a sign: the integrated communication. A sign that multiplies technologies and experiences, meeting and business opportunities. A sign that express itself and makes contacts. Glam Group born under this sign, with the General Manager’s insight, Mr. Luca Margherita. “Advertising is an extraordinary tool that changes skin, models and techniques as the society changes its customs and consumers. The duty of all of us as communicators is to think about the tomorrow’s market. That is the reason that pushed me to create GLAM GROUP, with the specific idea not to offer simply communication services, but integrated and global answers.”

What marks GLAM GROUP is the ability to range over the many fields of communication, harmonizing experiences, know-how, different and complementary strategies and technologies.

In order to deeper understand what is GLAM GROUP, just come into GLAM GROUP. You won’t find an agency, but a wide network of professional people, firms, Italian and foreign companies, able to globally understand the market’s needs throughout the perfect arrangement of tools and knowledge.”

The heart of GLAM GROUP is Rome. It is here that Luca Margherita chose to place the centre of coordination of the entire network, with operating offices in Milan, London, Avignon, Madrid and Bucharest.

A world in fast growth and expansion.